Sunday, 2 June 2013

Choosing your spouse and when do you know: 

This is the hardest part, because from this point on, this decision will affect all your life. Nobody including i, can tell you how to choose your wife or husband, what I can tell you are things to consider before. Decide what is important for you, understand your partner, see the reality, don’t fool yourself and don’t fall in love with your imagination, be realistic, learn from your past mistakes, consider living together for a while before marriage, consider how you feel when you are with him/her, optional you could consider what other peoples are saying is sometimes we can miss  obvious details which are standing right before our eyes, communicate, discuss, listen, see, feel and connect, and after all these, if it still feels right then you probably should do it. This is an important decision, be smart! lets you find your perfect life partner

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