Saturday, 1 June 2013

What is most important in a relationship, and what should count: 

What counts is what ever you and your partner feel it’s important. From my opinion communication is the most important feature of a good healthy relationship. If you communicate well enough, you can avoid lying, cheating, breaking up from stupid things, and also you can understand each other better, reach to a deeper connection earlier and have a good healthy relationship for a lifetime.

Some people feels that sex or external appearance(beauty) is the most important factor in their relationships. What ever you think it’s important, it is important, decide what you want, what you expect and what you can offer in a relationship, and that and only that should count!The only idea is to be very careful deciding what counts and what don’t,  as this could result in many unexpected outcomes in the future. For example if you decide that sex is most important and you have a girlfriend which is offering you what you need, what happens if she gets a surgical operation that makes her unable to „perform” anymore to your expectations?So, after all, what is important in a relationship? If you ask me.. value the truth it will never lie to you!

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