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Average Age at Marriage – India

Mean age at effective marriage
The Mean age at effective marriage is the age at consummation of marriage.
In the 18th century the minimum legal age to marry was 14 for men and 12 for women, in most of the regions.
Worldwide average marriage age for men is 28.7 and 26.8 for women.
In India average marriage age for men is 26 and 22.2 for women.
Mean Age at Marriage
Country ISO Code Year Men Women
India 356 1971 17.7 22.7
India 356 1981 18.7 23.4
India 356 1991 19.3 24.0
India 356 2001 20.2 24.8
India 356 2011 22.2 26
Age at Effective Marriage (AEM)
The median age of marriage has been rising in India. Yet 61 percent of all women (69 percent in rural regions and 31 percent in urban areas) are married before the age of 16. The median age at first pregnancy is 19.2 years.
Mean age at effective marriage is highest in J&K (23.6) followed by Kerala (22.7), Delhi & Tamil Nadu (22.4), Himachal Pradesh (22.2), and Punjab (22.1). Rajasthan (19.8) has the lowest AEM.
The difference in AEM in rural and urban regions is highest (3.1 years) in Assam and least in Kerala (0.1 years).
In general the AEM is two years higher in urban areas than in rural areas.
In general the AEM in urban areas is about 21 years and is higher than that in rural areas where the AEM is around 18 to 20 years.

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