Thursday, 30 May 2013

What others are saying, the importance of family or friends opinions: 

People love to give their opinion, they love to talk, they like to feel smart and wise. Although generally it’s a good thing to consider an outside opinion, you also have to judge the source, for instance I never take advises from people that cannot advise themselves. Even the most well-intentioned friends cannot make a decision for you. For example, i don’t tell people what decision to make, instead I like to teach them how to reach to their own decisions by explaining some core facts. I see many parents making the huge mistake by involving too much,  or in a way that doesn’t help their sons/daughters. Some cultures are based on the fact that the parents should choose the spouse, when in fact this is so wrong  right from the beginning. How can you live your life with a partner that your parents chosen? It is your life and you have the right to do anything you want with it, and nobody should decide for you. You should consider opinions from family and friends but you should never base your decisions on just that. Even if you think that somebody is right you should try to reach to the conclusion by yourself, nobody is living your life and nobody knows you better than you do yourself. lets you find your perfect life partner.

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