Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Grooming the Groom

I just went to a wedding recently and the groom looked like he had just washed his face, put on the sherwani and he was ready! While most grooms also try and shave just before dressing up, this one was a little too extreme, he had the end of the day stubble look. While that works perfectly for a date after a long days work, for your wedding even YOU the Groom needs to look their best!!

Pre-wedding :

A few months before take out some 'me' time.

1. Go to a salon get a facial, manicure, pedicure and hair spa done. Repeat it every month! ideally you should start asap, but make sure you are on it atleast 3 months before!!
2. Wash your face daily at night!

3. Ask your mother/sister to make you some homemade packs or atleast ubtan, Ubtan is the best way to improve your skin and de-tan, plus its the least embarrassing one to ask for.

4. For Dark Knees and elbows just rub some sugar and lemon on it. (Put sugar in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon and then using the lemon as a loofah dip it in the mixture and rub it on knees or elbows)

5. Sunscreen is your best buddy!! Save the tanned look for post honeymoon. Every single morning put on your sun screen. For Indian Skin SPF 30-50 works well.

Week of the wedding :

Get your teeth cleaned from a dentist, how ever pretty they might be get them cleaned from a dentist.

3 days before functions : 

1. Get a facial done , not on the day of an event but 3 days before!
2. Manicure-Pedicure
3. Hair Spa
4. Body Polish ( this is to make your skin look nice, shiny and healthy)
5. Body packs
6. If you are to hairy then a bleach and waxing or shaving would be good too


On the Day of the wedding :

Since you'll be getting makeup done later in the day its best to not let anyone put haldi on your face. (and yes you will be getting makeup done)
Go for a proper shave
Get Groom makeup done
sherwani's patka draped and viola your ready!!!

Groom Makeup

What is it??

No they won't put lipstick on you! But what they will do is make your skin look amazing. Groom makeup majorly consists of a proper foundation. The Best kind is an Airbrush makeup or an HD makeup, depending upon your skin type.

Is it expensive??

Compared to Bridal makeup its pretty cheap. Starts around Rs. 5000/- only and compared to all other expenses of marriage, it's so cheap and totally worth it !!

Where can I get it done??

Seriously DUDE !! You manage to find a Bride for yourself but can't even find a Makeup artist. Ask any local salon or you can also book famous makeup artists for your wedding day.

Why should I get it done??

Remember you'll be standing next to your dazzling princess. She has been working towards this ever since you popped the question. For her, be the perfect other half. And who doesn't wants to look good on their own marriage (Once a life-time opportunity, considering you are serious enough for this one) :P

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