Friday, 31 May 2013

Don`t loose your head too early: 

To decide having a life with someone after only one year, one month, one week, one day, one hour, or one second could be a huge mistake many people do thinking that this is true love, when in fact true love means something else. Maybe you saw many couples that made a quick decision and just jumped into marriage right from the beginning and after 20 years they are still happy together. But those are exceptions, open your eyes and understand the reality. For every old, happy couple, there are at least 100 couples that broke up in the first five years of marriage. When you choose not to wait to have also the confirmation of time you are playing the lottery. I know that feeling, didn’t want to wait, thinking that waiting is for cowards, i want to ask her, she is my soul mate, right?
Well think again! Maybe she is, maybe she is not, you never know..I don’t say that she or he is not your soul mate, that would be stupid, all I’m saying is wait for the confirmation of time, and you will see the truth. Time never lies, and always brings to the surface what is true, and what is not. You could think that she/he is your soul mate but maybe after two years you find that:
  • She/he  is constantly lying to you
  • She/he using you just so she was not a loner
  • She/he doesn’t love you as much as you love back
  • She/he is not that into you
  • She/he is considering more the opinions from family and friend rather than yours
  • She/he considers more important the career than the relationship with your.
And many other possibilities  that  cannot  be seen from the beginning, that’s why you need time to see if what you are believing to be true is actually true. I don’t say don’t do it early I’m only saying don’t do it too early. Peoples are not like cars, mobile phones or computers, they don’t come with specifications, how to use it, and what you should expect from them. They are unpredictable, and this is the beauty of it, that we have to get to know each other, discover one another, and reach to a deeper connection before jumping into marriage. If you like to play lottery with your life, why not? Just do it , maybe you will be fortunate enough to have a loving relationship with your spouse after 20 years, anything is possible! lets you find your perfect life partner.

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