Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Life After Your Engagement

Committing your heart to someone for a lifetime is a huge decision. Getting engaged is a significant step in any relationship and the right timing is an important factor to help the subsequent marriage too. If you have recently got engaged and are looking forward to going down the sweet lane of love, here are some tips for you: 

Put the Past Behind

Most of us choose to remain discreet about our past relationships. If you choose to keep your past relationship a secret due to the fear of rejection, think again. Your engagement and the upcoming wedding signify a new dawn and you should try reveal all about yourself to your fiance and put the past behind, together. 

Gifts for Your Love

Being engaged is a wonderful experience. Pack in surprise gifts for your fiancĂ©e once in a while or try to arrange for candle-lit dinners and outings. This will surely add to the excitement of your treasured journey. 

Plan Your wedding Together

Big, beautiful weddings are the heartfelt desires of every girl. For your own happy wedding, sit down and plan with your fiance. Have an open communication after your engagement to strengthen your bond and plan your wedding together.

The Talk!

Unsure about where the two of you will reside after your marriage? Do you have decisions to take regarding your educational or career paths? The time after your engagement is the best time to talk about the ambitions and ideas both of you have.

Days after your engagement, anticipation builds up and so does the pressure. There are a million things to be taken care of and this is the time for both you and your fiance to earmark a budget and pool in your resources. Misunderstandings are natural, however, how you deal with them will ensure that even with an elaborate wedding to plan, you can have a memorable one. Try to arrange for a day out with your fiance to nearby destinations, which offer you a perfect chance to get away from the humdrum of planning and relax. You can even hire a wedding planner for a scrutinized and well planned wedding

Most importantly, remember that love felt at the beginning of a relationship might not remain the same in years to come. This is because as love grows and evolves, you might not experience the fascination you felt during the first stages of your relationship. So work on being honest and friendly with your fiance after your engagement and look forward to a lifetime of love and happiness.

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