Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bride and groom marry at top of US mountain

A bride and groom who married on the top of a 900ft high sheer mountain climb in formal clothing have become an internet hit.

Bride and groom marry at top of US mountain

Bob Ewing and Antonie Hodge Ewing scaled the South Peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia in full wedding regalia on 10 August. Mr Ewing wore a tuxedo, whilst Mrs Ewing completed the climb in her mother’s wedding dress.
Photos from the ceremony have attracted more than 500,000 views, after they were posted to the internet.
The couple chose the location for their wedding ceremony after Mr Ewing, 32, proposed to his wife, 30, in the same location, and she declared a wish to be married in the same spot.
“It’s probably our favourite place we’ve ever been”, Mr Ewing said, “I think Antoine and I have a special relationship. I’m lucky to have found someone who complements me so well.” The summit is accessible only by technical rock climbing and as a result only five others joined the couple — including the bride’s mother, Evangeline Hodge, a novice climber who refused to give her age.
Mrs Hodge said: “I had to prove to myself I could do it.” She continued that she “did it for all the old people out there.”
The groom’s two brothers were also involved. Scott Ewing got ordained in order to perform the ceremony, whilst John Ewing made a separate climb and photographed the ceremony from another peak.
Several family members hiked with the couple to the base of the climb, and then followed their progress with walkie talkies. A second ceremony was later held on 11 August for the remainder of the couples’ friends and family.
Weddings on the South Peak summit are rare because of the difficulty of the climb, said Arthur Kearns, who operates Seneca Rocks Climbing School.
Although there have been a few other weddings on the South Peak summit, to Mr Kearns’ knowledge the Ewings are the first to do it in full formal attire.

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