Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How relationships modify in time: 
Although a relationship starts in a way, almost never this will remain unchanged after let’s say.. 10 years. That’s because we are changing our self we are learning new things we are experimenting new ways to improve our life.
  • People change
  • Situations change
  • Ideas change
  • Common sense change
  • Economy changes
  • What is funny change
  • What is beauty change
  • Fashion changes
  • Technology changes
  • How much we live change
  • Global population changes
  • Weather changes
  • Earth changes
  • Your reality changes..
Changing it is a natural process it cannot be avoided so the best thing is to understand it and prepare for it. The fact that the relationship will not remain the same in the future is not necessarily a bad thing, when your partner is changing you are changing also and that is good. This doesn’t refer to the situations in which one partner doesn’t love anymore, that is an unfortunate situation but it also happens.  I’m talking about changing the way you understand things, changing the way your partner sees you, having a better relationship, a deeper connection, something more real and meaningful. You will understand your partner better, you will learn to feel how he feels, you will know what he wants and when he wants without even asking. This is something truly remarkable that only can be achievable in time.Some,  stay in relationships although there are no more feelings involved, don`t do that!  If your relationship is subject to this kind of change you should discuss and if this is the situation you should close it immediately, no people should be together without love. lets you find your perfect life partner.

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