Thursday, 30 May 2013

What you want, what the partner wants: 

Understanding your situation, means who you are and what you want to do or what you are expecting from a relationship. After that discussing and comparing with the needs and wants of your partner, will help you understand what is the relationship status, where it could go, and what the reality is. For example if you love kids but your partner doesn’t feel in the same way, maybe this is not such a good start. You have to prioritize your needs and wants, compared those with the person next to you, see how he is prioritizing his, open your eyes and see the future. Two persons that are not going the same direction, or don’t have the same idea of living a full life will not go very far together(happy) . To avoid being fooled by a person who only wants to show to you what you want to see, observe your partner at a deeper level. For example, if your girlfriend is telling you how much she loved kids, try to observe her when she is near them. Words can fool you, but true feelings and instant reactions cannot. So the whole idea when trying to understand your partner is don’t stop at just listening to the words that he has to say, but try to observe and feel how he really is, and what he really thinks about that idea. Here, as in many cases listening is good but understanding it better lets you find your perfect life partner.

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