Thursday, 30 May 2013

Family or your love which one will you choose?

It has happen in many occasion that a bride or groom has to make a decision to choose between there partner and Family. Its a big challenge and a huge dilemma for a person to whether  choose someone who they love or chose someone who has taken care and shown love for their whole life.
Marriage is not only wonderful ceremony where two souls merge into one but its the amalgamation of of two families. If one family is not happy with the marriage its a challenge for the bride or groom to convince there family.
Most of the cases its the family that they choose and sacrifice there love for their family but those who choose the love of their  life  over their family they face rejection and isolation which is difficult to bear.
But sometimes there are chances of the family accepting there love later as for any family wants their sons or daughters to be happy. If the bride/groom is happy with her/his soul mate love does conquer the hatred and in the end love wins.


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