Tuesday, 28 May 2013

10 things to do after engagement

1) Let everyone know

Make sure you tell everyone about it. Whether you want to burst the bubble within the confines of your friends and family circle or make it grand is your choice, but everyone should get a wind of it. 

2) Make it official

It’s important that you make the whole euphoria of getting engaged official. And that requires rings. Hunt for the perfect one that will suit your fiance's liking.

3) List the ideas

List down all that you will need and want for your wedding. If you intend to hire a wedding planner, be sure to chalk out a contract with them. Jot down the ideas you might be coming up with every now and then.

4) Set the date

See to it that the date is suitable for all your invitees. Everyone would love to wish you and your spouse on your wedding.

5) Get the budget right

A lot depends on your wedding budget. The sole discretion of the extent of your budget lies with you. So get a detailed plan.

6) Guest list

Always know whom to invite. Try to maintain a balance between your guests and your spouse’s.


7) Planthe wedding ceremonies

Know how the way you want your wedding ceremonies to unfold. Typically, there will be mehendi and sangeet. Envision what you desire for them and prepare accordingly.

8) Get the right vendor

Find out about the right vendors for all your decorations. No last minute mumbo jumbo. Keep them ready way before hand.

9) Wedding attire

You need to be absolutely sure about what you intend to wear during the wedding and other ceremonies. Go mall hopping for your dress.

10) Decide your honeymoon destination

Sit down with your fiance and decide on where you want to take off after the wedding. Try to amicably reach a consensus.

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