Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Understanding the importance of the decision: 
               When you decide to get married you’re making a very important decision which in most cases will affect you all the rest of your life(unless you get a divorce).  Many people fail to understand how important it is to make the right and correct decision, and so they bring their-self in the situation of being unhappy in the long run. I cannot emphasize enough how important  is for you to take your time and ponder upon your decision going with one partner, rather than throwing yourself headfirst in a almost good relationship. What is important is for you to choose the right partner, as it is better to be alone and still evaluating your options than to hurry into a bad relationship and narrow your chances for being happy.  I’m not saying don’t get married, maybe don’t get married right away, and after all why should you do it? Isn’t your soul mate going to wait for you if he really love you? If yes then he is the right one for you, if not, maybe other things were more important for him than you. I see many couples when getting together for the first time they are so thrilled about the relationship that they decided to close the deal right away.. And maybe you are looking at those examples thinking well this is true love.. I could agree in some way but in another way I would tell you that true love can be proved when you are 80 years old and you know that you lived your life with your partner the right way, and have always been true to one another. True love cannot be found at the beginning rather to the end of a relationship. In the beginning you can talk about attraction or other aspects but that is not true love.
What life partner  means: Your spouse is your partner for  lifetime. This is a simple concept but very difficult understand in the right way. To be a good partner is something very hard to achieve, you need qualities like:
  • Sincerity
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Maturity
  • Integrity
Which are not easy to find.To be a good partner you have to understand what and who you are, what is common sense, what  your spouse is expecting from you. What I can tell you here is that the main word is HELP. Helping is the whole idea of being a good partner, we cannot help someone in a bad way, you are either helping or not. There are similar parts in which man and a woman can help each other in the same way, as well as parts in which they have two totally different roles, and which cannot be mixed. There are things that only a man partner should do, and there are things that only a female partner should do. Man and woman are almost equally important but their job are totally different, that’s why we complement each other.It’s up to you to understand what your future partner is thinking about partnership, and how he understands this concept, how he understands help, good, and other interesting words.Your life partner should only be the person which you are referring as: soul-mate,  nobody else.

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