Monday, 27 May 2013

Why I love LOVE STORIES....

Don’t kid yourselves ladies, you all love a good love story. The ordinary girl swept up in the tides of fate. We love the girl fighting for her individuality, or her struggles of what path to choose. We tear up when prince charming gets frustrated and steals a kiss. We cheer when the maiden says, “I love you.” We adore all these things, but why? It is my opinion (with no research to back this up) that we like these sappy moments because it gives us hope. Hope that one day out of the clear blue sky, prince charming, riding in on his snow white steed will whisk us away to Cinderella’s castle. We picture ourselves in the shoes of the young girl who in fact was not searching for love, but found it by just being at the right place at the right time. She gets spotted by Mr. Stubborn, who will stop at nothing to win her. Even I, sometimes, wish that I could wear a flowing dress and find the one guy who loves all of my quirkiness, the man who will do anything to woo me and then place a golden crown on top of my head to prove it. I don’t know what it’s like to be married, but I've come to believe even though you already have found prince charming, the school girl side of you is still waiting for the Disney version to come on a trusty steed and awake you from your sleep with a kiss. It is quite interesting really how our hearts just skip a beat when we read the final lines of a love story. They lived happily ever after.
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